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Easee One Charger

EV Charger & Installation

The intelligent and future proof Easee EV charger from just £1195

The Easee One EV charger has been specifically designed and built for an intelligent home charging experience delivering 7kW of power with a whole range of smart charging features.

Offering a high level of security, the Easee One comes with inbuilt PEN protection, which means there is no need for additional earthing solutions, enabling quick installation. It is easily adaptable to all electric vehicles, power supplies and mains.

The Easee One will optimise your electric vehicle charging by automatically detecting the required level of power needed to charge your car. It will then charge your vehicle as quickly as possible. This speedy feature allows you to charge up to 3x times faster than using regular power socket.

The Easee EV charger charges on a single-phase power and supports charging up to 7kW with a type 2 universal charging connector. 

Equipped with built-in e-sim and mobile communication, the charger comes with a free lifetime subscription. The Easee Charging Robot supports a variety of standards and the charger can be fully smart controlled from the Easee app.

The Easee EV home charger is lightning-intelligent, giving you more power and smarter control over your charger, whatever vehicle, power and mains you operate on. Reliable and efficient, the Easee One fits in an incredible array of features.

  • Model: Easee One
  • Power output: 7kW
  • 5 colour options: White, Anthracite, Red, Dark Blue and Black
  • Compatible with all electric vehicles
  • Tethered or Untethered
  • Integrated open PEN conductor protection
  • Permanent locking Type 2 cable
  • Monitor energy usage and scheduled charging available via the Easee app
  • Offline proof load balancing
  • Integrated eSim, with a lifetime free subscription
  • Integrated earth fault protection and RFID reader
  • OZEV approved
  • Compact in size, 69% smaller than other charging solutions weighing just 1.5kg

We install your Easee EV charger for you, so that you can sit back and relax as you start charging your electric vehicle the smart way.

The Easee One EV charger is small, light and compact, giving full flexibility over where you choose to have your chargepoint installed. As an OZEV approved Easee installer, we provide the highest quality installation experience and advice.

We’ll complete a pre-installation survey to fit your Easee charger, where you need it and offer on-hand support and guidance so you can make the most of your charging experience. Get started with your installation today.

Anderson a2 Oak Charger On Wall

Compact and Environmentally Friendly

The Easee One is built with the environment in mind, as it is 69% smaller and lighter than any other electric car chargers on the market with similar features and charging capabilities. Weighing just 1.5kg, the Easee One charger saves at least 4kg of copper and plastic per charger that is produced. 

Weatherproof Design

Designed in Norway, the Easee charger is built to last and withstand all types of weather conditions. With no need to protect the charger from sun, snow, wind or rain you can rest assured that your charger is made to last. The Easee One charger even comes with a 3 year warranty for full assurance.  

5 Different Colour Options

Easee one colours

The Easee One charger is available in 5 different striking colour options. Choose from red, white, black, dark blue or anthracite for a unique charger that matches your style and vehicle.

Easee EV Charger Installation

We provide simple and straightforward Easee EV charger installation. Once you’ve decided on your favourite Easee One colour, we complete a short pre-installation survey. We then install your Easee charger at your home or business address, fitting it in the most convenient place possible to charge your electric vehicle.

Our installers will provide expert advice on using the Easee One to its full EV charging capacity, and can explain how to make use of Easee’s smart charging features with the integrated app. 

We will arrange a date that works with you, and will arrive to get your charging station set up as soon as possible. Get the full EV home charger experience with Easee One Charger installation with Jolt.

Get £350 off your Easee EV charger

You could be eligible for the government Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, which provides you up to £350 off your Easee home charger installation. Simply complete our online installation quote form to check your eligibility. From there, we’ll apply for your funding once your charger has been installed.

Get Easee EV charger installation

Start styling out your home charging experience with the Easee One. Request an installation quote to get started.

Use up to 3 charging robots, on the same circuit

Need to charge more than one electric vehicle at home? Have up to 3 charging robots on the same circuit and fuse, so you can charge multiple vehicles at the same time. The available power will be distributed automatically across the vehicles and the total load will never exceed the set limit for the fuse. 

Control all your vehicles and Easee products from the same app where you can easily manage, add or remove products.

Accredited Easee Charger Installer

We are OZEV approved and provide the highest quality and quickest Easee EV Charger installation service & experience.

Easy to Use

All Easee chargers are designed to make EV charging smart but easy, all from your phone via the Easee app.

Carbon Neutral

Eco Charger & Installation

Not only are Easee EV chargers Environmentally friendly but Jolt is an ECO-friendly carbon-neutral installer.

Carbon Neutral

All-in-one Cost

As a certified supplier and installer, you also get installation included in the cost when you buy your Easee charger with us.

easee ev charger - person charging at home

Take Full Control With The Easee App

Manage your Easee Charging Robot from the comfort of your smartphone, both at home and on the go. The Easee app supports both WiFi and comes with a built-in e-sim.

Monitor your charge status, schedule charge sessions, start and pause charging, adjust the charging power, lock your charger and so much more. 

The Easee app is easy to use, but we’ll make sure you are fully set up and able to use the charger and app once we’ve got your charger installed.